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OfficeServ 7400 Systems

SAMSUNG Officeserv 7400 Systems

The future

OfficeServ 7400 simultaneously supports traditional voice communication, VoIP(Voice over IP), IP-based data communication and wireless solutions through Wireless LAN. The Samsung Officeserv is the ideal solution for the future and the present office.

Advanced networking

OfficeServ 7400 provides enhanced communication to handle voice and data traffic of IP phones in Small and Medium Business. Supporting gigabit Ethernet and layer 2/3 LAN switching, QoS with ensured stability is the top priority in company with increasing voice and data traffic.

Secure WLAN

OfficeServ WLAN frees users from the confines of the office and provides a significant cost effective solution eliminating unnecessary cabling and maintenance through the qualified voice and data service of OfficeServ WLAN. With its support for the SMT-W5100 WLAN phone and SMT-R2000 Dual-band WLAN AP, OfficeServ 7400 provides full voice-data convergence not only for fixed network connections but also on Corporate WLAN.

Officeserv Interface Cards

  • MGI 16 Media Gateway (MGI) provides IP gateway channels
  • MGI64 64ch Media Gateway Interface module
  • 16DLI2 Provides 16 digital station ports
  • 8DLI Provides 8 digital station ports
  • 8SLI Provides 8 analog station ports
  • 8COMBO Provides 8 analog and 8 digital station ports
  • 16MWSLI Provides 16 message waiting analog ports
  • SVMI 20e Integrated Voicemails system Up to 20 ports available
  • TEPRI Prime Rate Interface providing 23 digital trunks
  • GWIM Gigabit WAN Interface Module
  • GSIM Managed L3 Gigabit Switch Interface Module, 10 Gigabit ports
  • GWIMT Gigabit WAN Interface Module supporting TX
  • GSIMT Managed L3 Gigabit Switch Interface Module supporting TX
  • GPLIM Managed L2 Switch Module with PoE, 2 Gigabit port,12 Fast Ethernet ports
  • GPLIMT Managed L2 Switch Module with PoE supporting TX
  • WLM Wireless LAN Switch Module, 4ports

Various terminals and differential points

OfficeServ 7400 supports many types of terminals (analog phones, digital phones, IP phones, IP video phones, IP softphones on PC/PDA).

Value-added application for enterprise

OfficeServ 7400 provides several types of CTI applications for user’s convenience. OfficeServ Call, News, EasySet, DataView, ACD, Operator.


Samsung OfficeServ IP UMS server application that provides you unified messaging service for e-mail, voice mail, and FAX. You are able to access to your communication devices through Samsung UMS whenever and wherever you want because Samsung UMS is a Web-based sophisticated solution.