Iwatsu Systems

Who is Iwatsu?

iwatsuIwatsu Electric Co., Ltd., a world leader in telecommunications since 1938, has been supplying advanced business communications systems to the United States and Canada since 1969. Iwatsu Electric Co., Ltd. remains prominent throughout Japan and the telecommunications industry globally today with three Japanese branch offices and two overseas subsidiaries in Malaysia and Hong Kong. ICON Voice Networks is proud to be the exclusive provider of all current Iwatsu Enterprise products worldwide. With millions of users in over 50 countries that rely on Iwatsu business telecommunications systems. Iwatsu has established a long-standing reputation for legendary reliability and flexible applications that adapt to and grow with your unique business requirements. Iwatsu’s impressive industry MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) rate and .0007% out of box failure rate tells you that we provide some of the most reliable communications products today.

Products and Service

Iwatsu Electric Co., Ltd chose to withdraw from the North American market in 2015.  While Iwatsu no longer produces its innovative, advanced and dynamic communications solutions, Business Telecommunication Systems (BTS) continues to service our clients using this very fine equipment. BTS maintains a large inventory  of parts in their in-house inventory and can access a vast network of parts still available for the Iwatsu Enterprise-CS and other Iwatsu phone systems. Though we were saddened to see our long association with Iwatsu come to an end, we strive to continue to service our valued customers using these fine products to protect the investment made.